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X-Pole Sport

Fullkomin til heimanotkunar

Þrýsti súla, með henni fylgir ferðataska.


New to pole and looking for a starter-level pole, but don’t want to sacrifice quality for price? The X-POLE SPORT is made for you.

So easy to set up you don’t even need a ladder. Height adjustable, with no permanent fixings, available in Chrome finishes and pole diameter 45mm.

The SPORT pole is only available in static/non-spinning to ease the new poler into their journey.


Static/non-spinning mode only
Pressure mounted pole that fits heights between 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745mm (9′)
Optional extensions for ceiling height above 2745 up to 3370
Available in Chrome finish (product colour may differ from pictures) and 45mm diameters
Easy to install and user friendly
Perfect for starting your pole journey
Safe, sturdy and full instruction manuals/instructional videos available
Disassembled quickly for easy storage and transport
Carry case included
No screws, bolts or drilling are needed to set up the SPORT range of poles
For static and spinning poles, check out the XPERT and PRO



59990 kr.